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What my Clients Say


Jo’s approach to teaching golf is based on using what ‘natural’ sporting skills I possessed and utilising them to increase my enjoyment of the game and to help me achieve a realistic target of reducing my handicap.

Her lesson involved as much talking as playing and actually playing on the course rather than on the practice mats – the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and after just 6 lesson I feel I now will get much more enjoyment from my rounds with much less frustration.

I would thoroughly recommend taking a series of lessons with Jo to any golfer, of any age, who might be looking to improve their game.


As a complete beginner to golf, I was rather nervous and wondered if I would ever manage to hit a ball. Jo has a very calm and reassuring manner and made me believe that maybe I could. She gave me the confidence to try and because I was learning with other ladies at the same level as me, it became a very sociable occasion. Jo gave advice and was always very encouraging and positive which is exactly what you need when learning a new skill.


I signed up for Joanne’s six-lesson course last winter. I enjoyed the lessons very much; Jo is a good communicator and tries to focus on a single point at each lesson. She has helped me improve my swing plane, giving a significant increase in distance and control. I’ve just signed up with Jo for a continuation programme over this winter.


Starting at my very first lesson I was extremely nervous. I wanted to try golf but didn’t really know how to start. Having a taster session with other like-minded ladies was exactly what I needed and I found myself looking forward to Mondays! Jo’s instructions were very easy to understand and she made the sessions relaxed and enjoyable.


The money I spent on a putting lesson with Jo is by far the most cost effective investment I have ever made in my golf. Within the space of one lesson we identified the best type of putter for me, changed my setup and my stroke and massively improved my performance and confidence on the greens. I have gone from being an unreliable, streaky and frustrated putter to somebody with real confidence on the greens and I reckon I have saved an average of 2-3 shots per round. My winter league partner certainly noticed the difference… Thanks Jo!
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