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Why invest in coaching?

Gain insight.

Understanding your current game and basic skills will dramatically increase your chances of improvement.

Develop skills.

By working with a professional golfer, you will learn various techniques that will help you develop and improve your skills.

Improve your game.

By applying what you’re learning, you are constantly building up your knowledge.


How did your golf shape up in 2023?

Have you wanted to cure your dreaded slice or hook? What about hitting it further and striking it better? Perhaps you need more confidence off the tee?

If you've struggled with your game a bit this year, or simply want to sharpen things up, then the off-season is the best time of year to be improving your game.

I have put together a package which features:

  • Analysis of your current game

  • Detailed planning of how best to improve your golf

  • Regular feedback and additional support

  • Use of Trackman to provide evidence of improvement in your game

What is included?

  • Initial 90 Minute Game Assessment & Report

  • One Lesson a Month (October to February - 5 Lessons)



Upfront payment or Pay Monthly options are available

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Not sure what coaching option is right for you?

Contact Jo to discuss your options

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